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Helmar Sagel –
Date of birth: 1961 in Frankfurt a.M. – 
Musical Education: Classic & Jazz Drums at the Dr.-Hochs-Conservatorium Frankfurt / Snare & set, vibes, timpani and piano

Helmar is initiator of the UNITED MUSIC ALLSTARS and one of the founder of EUROCPTERs Germanys biggest frequent sport event SPORTmeetsMUSIC. Since his age of 6 he’s was playing drums up to 1980 w/t local fellows from the Frankfurt music scene. Starting 1980 up to today he had the chance to play with several jazz, fusion and rock formations and musicians national and international. Helmar is at EUROCOPTER in Donauwörth since 2002. Some stations of his music life are:


Metastasis: Eschborn / Classic Rock - Panjebo: Oberursel / Funk-Fusion / Winner Rock Contest 1986 - Philharmonic Orchestra Frankfurt: Frankfurt / Classic -

Joystick: Frankfurt / Melody rock - Round midnight: Oberursel / Jazz - The Crack: Bad Homburg / Rock-Funk - Just our pieces: Frankfurt / Soul Funk - Take: Frankfurt / Fusion - Vibes: Hofheim / Jazz-Fusion - 3 to Go: Bad Homburg / Rock-Funk - Blueorange: Oberursel / Jazz - Rockopters: Donauwörth / Funk-Rock – The Corners: Donauwörth / Funk-Rock


Blue Note Ensemble: Donauwörth / Jazz - Barbara Sagel Trio: Donauwörth / Jazz  - Nlarge Jazz: Donauwörth-München / Jazz-Fusion / - Mint Music: Donauwörth / Fusion

Helmar was working in Seattle with the Nelda Swiggett Sextet “Room to move”, the BOEING BIG BAND and today occasionally playing w/t the fabulous Izabella Effenberg and her Trio A-BANDwww.izabellaeffenberg.com)

Helmar is co-founder of COLD-WATER-PRODUCTION Lable, located in Huisheim near Donauwörth and is currently working on his new CD “SCHLAGWERK” with the Nlarge Trio (Arndt Pischke - git, Norbert Achtelik – bs).


ACTIVE DRUMSwww.active-drums.com)

NLARGE JAZZwww.nlarge-jazz.de)

Barbara Sagel Triowww.bst.cold-water-production.com)


Helmar Sagel